II Roman S. Ingarden Memorial Session

National Quantum Information Centre in Poland (KCIK) is organising a special on-line session to commemorate the Polish scientist Roman Stanisław Ingarden. Ingarden was a mathematical physicist, professor at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, founder of two journals: Reports on Mathematical Physics and Open Systems and Information Dynamics and one of the pioneers of the concept of quantum information. His 1976 paper had a short title: QUANTUM INFORMATION THEORY [Reports on Mathematical Physics 10, 43-72 (1976)].

The event is organized under auspices of the Polish Physical Society.


15:30 – Opening of the session

15:35 – Krzysztof Ingarden (Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts, Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Kraków University): Roman S. Ingarden, Life: Photographs from the Family Archives

15:50 – Junior KCIK Award for best Bachelor Thesis in quantum Information: flash talks of the laureates

16:00 – Alain Aspect (Institut d’Optique / Université Paris-Saclay), 2021 Ingarden Memorial Talk – From Einstein photon to quantum information: wave-particle duality in action

17:00 – Coffee break

17:15 – Distinguished talk 1

17:50 – Distinguisehd talk 2

18:25 – End of the session

Link to the session

Meeting will take place via zoom. No registration is required. To join, please follow this link.

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