ICTQT Seminar

It’s the ICTQT seminar time. Join us online on Wednesday, November 3rd at 14:00 CET (13:00 GMT)

  • Speaker: Simon Milz (IQOQI Vienna, Austria)
  • Title: Resource Theory of Causal Connection
  • Place: room F305 (Chemistry Dept. UG)
  • Zoom link

The capacity of distant parties to send each other signals is a fundamental requirement in many information-processing tasks. This ability is determined by the causal structure connecting the parties, and more generally, by the intermediate processes carrying signals from one laboratory to another. In this talk, I will detail how a fully fledged resource theory of such causal connection can be derived for all multi-party communication scenarios, encompassing those where the parties operate in a definite causal order, as well as those where the order is indefinite. Varying the choice of free objects — based on different assumptions of what transformations are ‘easy’ to implement — results in three distinct resource theories of causal connection with vastly different properties. I will provide an overview of the features of this hierarchy of resource theories and discuss the stratification of the space of communication scenarios by means of resource monotones. Finally, I will connect these results to the resource theory of causal non-separability, where causal indefiniteness — instead of causal connection — is considered valuable.

This talk is based on https://arxiv.org/abs/2110.03233.

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