World Quantum Day, April 14th, 2022

On the occasion of World Quantum Day on April 14th we invite you to two events in Tri-city area.

At 12:00PM in the Library of the University of Gdańsk, dr. Marcin Pawłowski, head of Quantum Cybersecurity and Communication group at ICTQT will give a talk entitled QUANTUM CRYPTOGRAPHY. Talk will be in Polish and the event is open for general public. The event is organized by NATIONAL QUANTUM INFORMATION CENTRE in collaboration with University of Gdańsk and ICTQT.

After the lecture you will have a chance to see the art installation ‘Travels of Light’, created by prof. Tomasz Paterek and dr. Wojnowska-Paterek.

“‘The new artistic installation will illustrate the foundation of quantum mechanics – a simultaneous exploration of various possibilities,’ – says Tomasz Paterek from the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics. – In particular, the installation will give the impression of being outside and inside.

As emphasized by dr. Karolina Wojnowska-Paterek, art helps to describe problems requiring abstract thinking, it evokes associations, emotions, is supposed to arouse the viewer’s interest in the subject, make him/her think.” More about the Travels of Light, here.

Second event will take place in Experyment Centrum Nauki in Gdynia. At 10AM we invite you to an open workshop In the world of quanta, organized by members of the Student Physics Scientific Group of UG and educators from the Experyment Science Centre.

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