We are focused on research in the area of quantum foundations, quantum communication, and quantum information with the aim of developing quantum communication technologies and new computing techniques.
  • Foundational Underpinnings of Quantum Technologies Group

    leader Ana Belen Sainz

  • Multiphoton Quantum Optics for Quantum Information Group

    leader Marek Zukowski

  • New Quantum Resources Group

    leader Paweł Horodecki

  • New Quantum Resources and Thermodynamics Group

    leader Michał Horodecki

  • Quantum Cybersecurity and Communication Group

    leader Marcin Pawłowski

  • Quantum Open Systems in Relation to Quantum Optics Group

    leader Łukasz Rudnicki



The purpose of the ICTQT is to conduct scientific research and development works in accordance with the adopted research agenda, in an international academic environment and at the highest academic level, with due regard for high ethical standards, good academic practice in particular, and to disseminate knowledge.


Research groups

Six research groups and a team of independent researchers explore the quantum foundations and technological aspects of quantum effects


Research projects

We are conducting research co-financed by a number of
institutions from Poland and abroad


Research staff

We are proud to host researchers from 13 different countries. We have build a balanced environment where young, aspiring scientist can grow under guidance of world class researchers



Number of publications with ICTQT affiliations. We are proud to collaborate with all major theoretical quantum research labs on 5 continents


Quantum Speedup workshop

The Quantum SpeedUp workshop series aim to provide a space for integration, exchange of ideas and inspiration between the members of the boosting quantum technology community in […]

Hybrid Quantum-Classical Codes by Andrew Nemec

ICTQT Seminar  Date: November 30th, 2022Time: 12:30Speaker: Andrew Nemec (Duke University) Hybrid Quantum-Classical Codes Place: room 317, ICTQT, UG Link: Abstract: Hybrid codes simultaneously encode both quantum and classical information together, […]

Squeezing and ultrastrong coupling of light and matter by Adam Miranowicz

ICTQT Seminar  Date: November 3rd, 2022Time: 11:00Speaker: Adam Miranowicz (UAM Poznań, Poland; RIKEN, Japan) Squeezing and ultrastrong coupling of light and matter Place: room D102, Chemistry Dept, UG Link: Abstract: Experimental […]

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The secret bookshelf of Nobel Prize winning quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli, full of books about eastern mysticism, telepathy, psychology, and mythology. Also, some C.S. Lewis, author of the Narnia children's books!

(CERN: Wolfgang Pauli Room)

Congratulations to Konrad Schlichtolz, PhD student from #ICTQT for taking 2nd place in the #YoungFahrenheit competition! His project was highly praised by the judges for its potential to revolutionise cybersecurity industry. Keep up the great work!

Last couple of talks of the @INAQT2022 meeting on indefinite casual order. We've been enjoying a very well-ordered programme - thanks @SarahCroke1 @S_FrankeArnold !

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