The International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies (ICTQT)  is the newly created a joint research unit of the University of Gdansk and the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IQOQI-Vienna), which plays the role an official strategic partner. ICTQT was funded by the Foundation for Polish Science within implementation of the project “International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies”. The project is financed by the Foundation for Polish Science from the European Union funds of the Smart Growth Operational Programme, axis IV: Increasing the research potential (Measure 4.3) under the International Research Agendas Programme. The founders of ICTQT are Marek Zukowski as the director, and Pawel Horodecki as a co- applicant.


The purpose of the ICTQT is to conduct scientific research and development works in accordance with the adopted research agenda, in an international academic environment and at the highest academic level, with due regard for high ethical standards, good academic practice in particular, and to disseminate knowledge.


The ICTQT activity is focused on the scientific research in the area of quantum foundations, quantum communication, quantum information, as well as on a development of quantum technologies with an emphasis on quantum communication and new computing techniques.


The scientific priori of ICTQT is to find new solutions and protocols for basic aspects of fundamental quantum physics, from new non-classical phenomena, measures of non-classicality, structural aspects of quantum theory, theory of quantum measurement, up to theory of open systems and quantum thermodynamics, and bring them into quantum technologies. 


Additional goals of the ICTQT is to form a stable environment of cutting edge theoretical quantum research aimed at new basic technologies, and to train young experts in this field as well as to create an innova- tive centre of excellence of a scale of influence beyond the Polish borders, which would directly and continuously collaborate with the IQOQI-Vienna. 


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