competition results
competition results
Inquiry title
Inquiry for the preparation of a single scientific publication, taking into account topics in the area of operational formulation of particle symmetries in generalised probabilistic theories and connections to notions of nonclassicality, based on scientific research carried out in the project OPUS 21 UMO-2021/41/B/ST2/03149, entitled "Categorical foundations of the non-classicality of nature".
Contract award procedure

The contract award procedure is conducted in the form of a request for quotation in accordance with Art. 11 clause 5 point 1 of the Public Procurement Law.

Awarding Entity

Uniwersytet Gdański, ul. Bażyńskiego 8, 80-309 Gdańsk, NIP: 584-020-32-39

Contact person:  Arleta Ruszel, +48 58 523 51 79,,


Subject of the contract

1. The subject of the contract is the presentation of research results in a unique scientific publication, taking into account topics in the area of operational formulation of particle symmetries in generalised probabilistic theories and connections to notions of nonclassicality.

The single scientific publication will be produced within the implementation of the OPUS project UMO-2021/41/B/ST2/03149, financed by the National Science Center.

2. The scope of this contract includes the following research activities:
• in-depth review of the literature related to the subject of the study,
• development of an operational formalism(s) of particle symmetries in generalised probabilistic theories,
• exploration of how the above formalisms are related to one another,
• investigation of how such symmetries are related to notions of nonclassicality which may be preexisting in the literature (in particular, generalised contextuality) or novel notions arising from the study,
• assistance in the supervision of the doctoral student who will be involved in this line of research,
• preparation of a single scientific publication including the description of the carried-out development of formalisms, and applications thereof.

3. The subject of the contract must be performed taking into account the highest European quality standards for conducting scientific research described in „The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity”, available from:, and the final report must be full-fledged (original, unique, present a new contribution to knowledge in a given field) and free from any legal defects.

4. The Contracting party undertakes to provide all materials necessary to complete the subject of the contract, including access to scientific publications and computer or specialized software, at his own cost and risk.

5. The Awarding Entity accepts to prepare of the report (developed as part of the contract) only in the English language.

Contract award procedure participation terms

1. In accordance with the terms of the financing agreement, Contractors that may participate in the contract award procedure are those who have the necessary knowledge and experience in the field of the subject of the contract (natural person), i.e., the Contractor must meet all the following conditions jointly:
• Master’s and PhD degree in mathematics or physics
• expertise in:
- generalised probabilistic theories (in particular the geometric perspective),
- notions of nonclassicality (including generalised contextuality, Kochen-Specker contextuality, and nonlocality) as well as the relationship between these.
Experience in the above-mentioned field should be documented by: at least 3 (three) international publications or implementation of a scientific project confirmed by references or contracts in the above-mentioned field within the last 3 years.
• have at least an advanced level of English (the language level will be verified during the interview).

2. Assessment of compliance with the above conditions will be made in accordance with the formula “meets - does not meet”, based on information contained in the documents listed above. The content of the attached documents must clearly show that the abovementioned conditions are met by the Contractor.

3. In the event of submitting incomplete documentation regarding confirmation of the fulfillment of the condition for participation in the contract award procedure, the Contracting Authority may request the Contractor to supplement them, if the Contractor fails to complete the documentation within the specified deadline, the offer is deemed incomplete and the condition is not met.

4. Failure to meet even one of the abovementioned conditions will result in the Contractor’s exclusion from the procedure. The Contractor may be excluded from the procedure at any stage of the contract award procedure.

Offer preparation method

1. The offer and attachments should be sent via e-mail to the address

2. The offer submission deadline shall expire on January 4th, 2023 (CEST).

3. The submission date shall be deemed to be the date when the offer is received at the Awarding Entity’s email address.

4. Offers submitted past the offer submission deadline shall not be considered.

5. The Awarding Entity reserves the right to extend the offer submission deadline. In such an event, the Awarding Entity shall each time publish a relevant notice at the site of the publication of Request for offers.


Detailed description of the order

Offer Form

Declaration of the Contractor



Date of publishing: December 20th, 2022





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