Seminars & Events

2-5 December 2019, Leźno, Poland

The goal of the QUANTUMSPEEDUP conference is to gather experts and high-level practitioners in quantum physics and to exchange knowledge, ideas, experiences and expectations around the challenges of Quantum Technologies Flagship initiative.
Through a combination of keynote presentations given by renowned experts (IRAP leaders and senior researchers), speed talks and poster sessions the conference wants to open a debate among the IRAP units (ICTQT & QOT) and quantum scientific environment on possible cooperation in the context of the quantum technologies development.
We strongly encourage you and your teams to actively participate and prepare posters. In addition to a classical poster we kindly ask participants to prepare a short, three-minute presentation which she/he will present during a special Speed Talk session. Scheduled program attached
Conference venue: Pałac w Leźnie, Leźno 45, Gdańsk

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