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July 29th, 2020 at 2:00 pm

Speaker: Manik Banik, 
from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (Thiruvananthapuram)
Title: Bell Nonlocality and the Reality of Quantum Wavefunction


Status of quantum wavefunction is one of the most debated issues in quantum foundations — whether it corresponds directly to the reality or just represents knowledge or information about some aspect of reality. In this work we propose a  ψ-ontology theorem addressing this question. Our theorem invokes an assumption, called ‘no ontic retro-causality’, about the underlying ontological model. We provide physical rationale for this assumption and discuss novelty of the present theorem over the existing ones. At the core of our derivation we utilize another seminal no-go result by John S. Bell that rules out any it local realistic world view for quantum theory. We show that Bell nonlocality excludes the ontological explanations where quantum wavefunction is treated as mere information, viz. the ψ-epistemic explanations. In fact, models even with some degree of epistemicity can not fully incorporate the phenomena of Bell nonlocality observed in quantum theory.
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