Quantum Open Systems in Relation to Quantum Optics Group

Leader of the research group: Lukasz Rudnicki
Post-doc: Fattah Sakuldee
PhD student: Tomasz Linowski
The broad aim of the Quantum Open Systems in Relation to Quantum Optics Group is to build up understanding of the (quantum) thermodynamic properties of laser beams. The research will focus on analogies between open system dynamics and transmission of optical beams, and the thermodynamic context of indefinite causal order implemented in interferometric setups. Additionally, the group will study gate set tomography and quantum random walks, as well as will coordinate the QuantERA project ApresSF – Application-ready superresolution in space and frequency – devoted to quantum metrology and light.
Specific goals of the group include:
– To study macroscopic models of evolution for laser beams, with special emphasis put on polarization, orbital angular momentum and spatial degrees of freedom.
– To study thermodynamic characterization of the optical beams.
– To reconsider known quantum thermodynamic models by adding the feature of indefinite causal order.
– To optimize metrological protocols leading to superresolution in spatial, spectral and temporal separation measurements.
– To improve the protocol of gate set tomography with regards to its intrinsic symmetries (so called gauge).
Keywords: open system dynamics, quantum optics, gate set tomography, indefinite causal order, laser beams, quantum metrology, superresolution, quantum random walks.


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