New Quantum Resources and Thermodynamics Group

Leader of the research group: Michał Horodecki
Post-docs: Paweł Mazurek, John Selby
PhD students: Tanmoy Biswas, Marek Winczewski
The group New Quantum Resources II deals with a broad spectrum of topics, related to such resources as nonlocality/contextuality, entanglement, randomness, athermality, and others.
Specific research tasks of the group include:
1) Quantum open systems and quantum thermodynamics
a. Open problems on Thermal Operations
b. Efficiencies of engines based on Thermal Operations
c. The notion of work in micro regime; quantum batteries
d. Dynamical description of thermal quantum machines in various systems, including solar cells, thermoelectric generators, life-harvesting systems
e. Thermodynamics with explicit battery; fluctuation relations
f. Study limitations of Markovian evolution in thermodynamical context
2) Resources for quantum computing:
a. Contextuality/nonlocality, their relation to quantum speedup (in collaboration with NRQ)
b. Quantum gates, t-designs, random circuits.
c. POVMs – their power versus von Neumann measurements and application to quantum algorithms
3) Quantum communication:
a. Port based teleportation – various variants, related group representation problems
b. Quantum error correction
c. Randomness amplification/extraction, secret key extraction (in collaboration with NRQ)
4) Bell inequalities
a. Employing graph theoretic tools
b. Large violation


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