New Quantum Resources Group

Leader of the research group: Paweł Horodecki
Post-doc: Piotr Mironowicz
PhD students: Michał Banacki, Ricard Ravell
The broad aim of the New Quantum Resources Group would be to perform research concerning quantum phenomena which could be used for quantum information processing.
Examples of possible initial specific topics are:
– Connections between quantum computational speedup and contextuality/Bell-“nonlocality”
– New protocols on randomness amplification
– Research on communication networks
– Connections between violations of Bell inequalities and of non-contextuality and the quantum
advantage in communication complexity
– Quantum thermodynamics with state transitions by Thermal Operations.
– Relativistic quantum information processing
Keywords: quantum entanglement, quantum contextuality, quantum computational speedup, quantum capacity, quantum channels, quantum reduction of communication complexity, violations of local realism, Bell’s theorem, resource theory of thermodynamics, resource theories, quantum networks, private bits, quantum privacy, quantum randomness, randomness amplification, device-independent randomness amplification, randomness extraction.


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