Multiphoton Quantum Optics for Quantum Information Group

Leader of the research group: Marek Żukowski
Post-docs: Tamoghna Das, Antonio Mandarino
PhD students & students: Bianka Wołoncewicz, Konrad Schlichtholz
The broad aim of the Multiphoton Quantum Optics for Quantum Information Group is to develop theoretical quantum information science of immediate experimental testability as well as to study the fundamental issues like causality, new concepts in theoretical quantum optics, and efficiency of quantum (optical) protocols.
Specific goals include:
– Operational translation of the schemes prosed by the other groups of ICTQT into experimental optical setups and feasibility studies.
– Direct collaboration with experimental teams of our IQOQI partner as well as other laboratories.
– Investigations concerning device-independent or self-testing quantum communication, quantum information processing schemes, aimed at commercialization.
– Search for new research avenues in quantum optics allowing demonstrations of quantum protocols or various kinds.
– New indicators of non-classicality in quantum optics.
– Application of theoretical/operational/experimental methods of quantum multiphoton interferometry to other processes of potential value for quantum communication and information processing.
– Quantum optical implementations of secure data transmission.
– Theory of optical test of quantum mechanics.
Keywords: quantum optics, multiphoton interferometry, reduction of communication complexity, foundations of quantum physics, quantum information,  Bell’s theorem, quantum optical circuits.


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